In  light of current events, today when we hear ‘supply chain’ and ‘doorstep delivery’, they have a new, more personal meaning to all of us. Welcome to the rise of Zero, a plastic-free grocery delivery startup based in Berkeley and led by Zuleyka Strasner. Shopping Zero means you don’t have to go grocery shopping in-person […]

300-strong British startup community gathers in San Francisco for the annual GBx Gala Classroom communication app ClassDojo has been selected as the Best in British Tech by the British startup community in Silicon Valley. The award was presented last night at the annual GBx Gala by HRH Princess Beatrice of York and Mike Butcher, Editor […]

GBx experts support Brits by the Bay Participants GBx aims to provide a peer to peer network for mutual help and support and a community those from the UK can plug into for insights and advice. GBxers each out to other entrepreneurs, investors, our Friends and Partners on their journey to moving, scaling and fundraising […]

When a Brit endeavors in the United States, only another Brit can understand the kind of pickle one might be found. Accessing the market, fundraising, talking to the media in the U.S, finding connections (hey, GBX here!), and scaling, just to name a few! That’s why every year, the GBx community nominates and votes for […]

We’re thrilled to announce the Brits in the Bay participants – the most exciting UK startups looking to expand their business into the US. Aiden.AI – Marie Outtier, Co-founder & CEO is an Ai-as-a service for growth teams: a unified marketing platform that generates daily actionable recommendations across Facebook, Adwords, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. Log-in, approve Aiden’s […]

Digitalization has changed our experiences forever. We store our knowledge online and place our trust in the cloud. Companies dealing with big data have a much larger responsibility, as data leaks can destroy reputations permanently. James Chappell and Alastair Paterson, founders of Digital Shadows, a market leader in Digital Risk Protection, learned at an early […]

Making the first move is always hard. Thanks to technology, most of our daily decisions have become easier and effortless. One click is all it takes. However, when the first move means moving to a new home that’s when stress settles in.   Knowing the pain and hassle of searching for a new apartment, Anthemos Georgiades […]

Moving to a different country opens minds and new opportunities, but also brings infinite challenges. Credit access is often the toughest obstacle for most non-Americans. Stanford graduate student Nicky Goulimis had to start her financial life over when she moved from London to the U.S in 2014. Despite her excellent credit in the UK as […]

When in 2016, BBC News covered HER, a dating app for lesbian, bi-sexual and queer people, it had 1M users, no revenue and has just moved its headquarters to San Francisco. Two years later, the company is profitable and a home to the world’s largest – 4M and counting – community of queer women. It’s […]

Early-stage (Seed and Series A) US venture capitalists often insist they will invest in a UK company only if the company “flips” its corporate structure and establishes a US (typically Delaware) holding company. We addressed these dynamics in a 2015 article, noting that high US corporate tax rates were leading some early-stage US investors to reconsider […]