GBx is a community of British technology entrepreneurs, investors and senior technology executives. We come together to innovate, collaborate and inspire others through building connections, learning from others and sharing our expertise. There are 3 tiers of GBx membership so you have the flexibility to decide how you would like to connect with the community. Together we are building the British technology ecosystem in the Bay Area and beyond.

GBx Membership

  • Connect with British founders, investors or industry experts
  • Get advice on scaling, fundraising, re-locating or great pubs & restaurants
  • Exclusive events including the GBx Gala - GBx events are restricted to members, guests & our partners!
  • Member benefits including initial consultation with our expert pitch coach, technology & workspace offers etc

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For British founders, tech leaders and investors

Access to great community

Make the most of your GBx experience by connecting with other members at our member only exclusive events (don’t miss the Gala!) or online via the GBx Member Directory or our private Slack Community.

What our members think

“The GBx community taps into a vast reservoir of member experience & expertise to uplift founders who have the ambition to shape the world into a place they’d be proud to hand over to the next generation.”

Sherry Coutu CBE, Unicorn Founder, Chair, SID & FTSE 100 NED

"GBx is a brilliant and unique organization for connecting with interesting, successful Brits in the Bay Area, engaging with all kinds of visitors from the UK, and joining social events which have a distinct and wonderfully British feel."

Doug Bewsher, Growth & Brand Leader, Investor, Former CMO Salesforce & Skype

"GBx is a bunch of brilliant Brits in the bay. Founders and investors who I’m grateful to collaborate with, learn from, and be real amongst. Conversations that challenge my thinking and open opportunities. Plus the highest density of wit I've found on the west coast."

Ian Taylor, Head of Scouts & Ecosystem, Sequoia Capital

"After living in the US for a decade (during which I've gone through an exit, a new company, and multiple fundraises), it's really great be tapped into the amazing community of British entrepreneurs, execs, and investors living and working in the valley. There's an incredible depth of experience in the GBx community and a great willingness to share knowledge and contacts to help out fellow Brits. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to both learn and share my own experiences."

Joshua March, Co-Founder & CEO, SCiFi Foods (A16Z Backed)

"GBx is a phenomenal conduit for founders, investors and operators to share their best practices and networks. The community is thoughtful, genuine and really feels aligned on helping to elevate British Tech in the Bay Area and the US. The quality of members is consistently very high and leads to a rich environment for all who participate. An unexpected bonus is that everyone seems to have a lot of fun along the way."

Melissa Taunton, Partner, NEA

"Craft.co just closed a Series A round of $35m. Given that we met our seed investor - Andy McLoughlin, Managing Partner at Uncork Capital - at a GBx event, we would not be here without you!"

Ilya Levtov, Co-Founder and CEO, Craft.co

"Many of our best performing portfolio companies are GBx members. They have a high-quality pool of talent for VCs to access, supporting other Brits."

Lawrence Barclay, Founding Partner, Manta Ray Ventures

"GBx is an incredible resource for founders and investors - the wealth of knowledge and experience is invaluable and the connections and friendships made are lifelong!"

Simon Wistow, Co-Founder, Fastly (unicorn)

"As a UK-based founder, GBx granted me warm introductions to SV founders and investors in GreenTech. New to SF but keen to host a ClimateAI Hackathon, I was looking for a venue, and through the GBx Slack, a member in VC kindly offered to co-host with me. Even virtually, the power of this community is palpable."

Dhruv Boruah, Founder, Oceanways

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For UK Based Tech Founders, coming to the Bay once or twice a year

Invites to virtual and UK based events
Feature in our newsletter
Share your round with our VCs and angels
Access to GBx member forums for exchanging advice
GBx Insider Handbook: Welcome to the Bay
GBx Gala ticket not included


Annual Billing


For British Founders & Tech Leaders in the Bay Area

Invites to monthly virtual and in-person events
Feature in our newsletter
Share your round with our VCs and angels
Access to GBx member forums for exchanging advice
Mentorship & speaking opportunities
1x GBx Gala ticket (allocated on a first-come, first-served basis)


Annual Billing


For British Investors & Industry Experts

Invites to virtual and in-person events
Feature in our newsletter
Access to GBx member deal flow
Access to GBx member forums for exchanging advice
Tech policy advising opportunities
1x GBx Gala ticket (allocated on a first-come, first-served basis)


Annual Billing