In  light of current events, today when we hear ‘supply chain’ and ‘doorstep delivery’, they have a new, more personal meaning to all of us. Welcome to the rise of Zero, a plastic-free grocery delivery startup based in Berkeley and led by Zuleyka Strasner. Shopping Zero means you don’t have to go grocery shopping in-person […]

“Education is the most important problem in the world. If we could solve it, give everyone the education they want and need, we’d have a world where everyone grows up with a chance to develop their unique talents. We’d solve many more of the critical problems the world faces, and we’d likely be happier, kinder […]

Digitalization has changed our experiences forever. We store our knowledge online and place our trust in the cloud. Companies dealing with big data have a much larger responsibility, as data leaks can destroy reputations permanently. James Chappell and Alastair Paterson, founders of Digital Shadows, a market leader in Digital Risk Protection, learned at an early […]

Making the first move is always hard. Thanks to technology, most of our daily decisions have become easier and effortless. One click is all it takes. However, when the first move means moving to a new home that’s when stress settles in.   Knowing the pain and hassle of searching for a new apartment, Anthemos Georgiades […]

Moving to a different country opens minds and new opportunities, but also brings infinite challenges. Credit access is often the toughest obstacle for most non-Americans. Stanford graduate student Nicky Goulimis had to start her financial life over when she moved from London to the U.S in 2014. Despite her excellent credit in the UK as […]

When in 2016, BBC News covered HER, a dating app for lesbian, bi-sexual and queer people, it had 1M users, no revenue and has just moved its headquarters to San Francisco. Two years later, the company is profitable and a home to the world’s largest – 4M and counting – community of queer women. It’s […]

Transcript from a conversation with Srin Madipalli, Product Manager, Airbnb, co-founder of Accomable. Listen on Soundcloud. Suz: Our guest today is Srin Madipalli in his own words – which I copied from his Twitter bio – an entrepreneur, a coder, a commercial lawyer, a writer, an adventurer, a traveler and a MBA grad from Oxford […]

Meet Michael Acton Smith, co-founder and CEO of Calm. Tell us a little bit about yourself I’m the co-founder and co-CEO of I was the CEO/founder of Mind Candy and creator of Moshi Monsters. I moved to the Bay Area in January 2016. What are you business interests? All aspects of business: Investing, recruiting, […]

Special welcome to new members who have joined GBx as part of our partnership with SVC2UK, as we help to connect the SF Bay Area community with UK entrepreneurs. Reach out if you are interested in connecting with our new members: Ahamed Wadood, Business Development Executive, Aviserv, Aviserv is an Aviation Service provider, specializing […]

Meet Alex Young, founder and CEO of Virti. Tell us a little bit about yourself I’m a surgeon by training and built and sold an events company during med school at Bristol. I then boot-strapped and scaled an award-winning medical education company internationally while still training in the NHS. Last year I founded Virti, a […]