Thank you to the GBx New-Gen Board, 2022

GBx New Gen Board

GBx New-Gen Board 2022

We’d like to thank our New-Gen Board for their guidance and support over the past year


Lisa Wehden

Bio: Lisa is an investor at Bloomberg Beta, a VC focused on the future of work. She previously worked at Entrepreneur First and studied at the University of Oxford, where she was elected President of the Oxford Union. She runs an evening course on ethics, public policy and technological change with several Stanford faculty. Her work has been featured in TechCrunch.

British tip for the Bay Area: Royal Indian SF for good Indian food!

Book recommendation: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Murakami– I love this one as I’m an avid runner and it’s inspired by another favourite, Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About Love!


Hannah Chelkowski

Bio: Hannah is an early-stage investor, (Co-founder and General Partner at Blank Ventures) focused on fintech, commerce, and bottoms-up enterprise. Hannah’s been in San Francisco for four years and is originally from Cambridge, UK.

British tip for the Bay Area: Be bold, be brash, and don’t drop your t’s!

Book recommendation: The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi – the Bushido code of life provides useful lessons to founders everywhere. It’s a worthwhile read and one you’ll keep referring back to.


Tom Harries

Bio: Tom is a 3x founder who’s been in the Bay Area since 2017. Previously started Tulip, the largest online funeral home in the US, and currently working on Earth.

British tip for the Bay Area: Bevmo has a reasonable English beer selection

Book recommendation: American Kingpin by Nick Bilton – reads like fiction but completely true, part-based in SF. How not to run a business!


Maximillian Rainey

Bio: Maximillian is a community focused creative director. Currently building SHACK15 into a 51,000 sq ft ecosystem housed in San Francisco’s Ferry Building, designed to nurture local entrepreneurship culture through an international lens.

British tip for the Bay Area: Maybe it’s the weather, but SHACK15’s build-your-own Gin & Tonic bar seems to be getting better by the day…

Book recommendation: Change: How To Make Big Things Happen by Damon Centola is a compelling analysis into the art and science of what makes ideas spread like wildfire and stick like glue. Spoiler alert: The key is in community.