Member profile: Alex Young of Virti

Meet Alex Young, founder and CEO of Virti.

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I’m a surgeon by training and built and sold an events company during med school at Bristol. I then boot-strapped and scaled an award-winning medical education company internationally while still training in the NHS. Last year I founded Virti, a mixed-reality training platform that helps health professionals to more realistically prepare for the stress and emotional aspects of real clinical practice to improve patient safety and reduce costs for health providers. I’m also a founding-partner at HS. a health-specific accelerator/incubator based in London that builds, scales and invests in health and life-science startups and also provides corporate innovation strategies. I still live in Bristol and split my time between Bristol, London and the US.

What are you business interests?
I do some angel investing but mainly invest in health tech through HS. My primary focus at present is Virti as we scale the platform internationally and beyond health training. Virti is an immersive, enterprise learning solution that allows for creation and cross-platform distribution of interactive, immersive (VR, AR and MR) educational content and provides analytics that intelligently predict how a user will perform under pressure before entering a real environment. Our clients range from med schools to military training to sales training and medical device training.

What are the best and worst things about the Bay Area?
BEST: The weather. And the opportunity to learn and the collaborative opportunities with large health providers and tech companies.

WORST: The back and forth flights to the UK for meetings. Although I now have some noise-cancelling headphones, which are awesome.

What do you miss about the UK the most?
Proper British pubs and West Country cider other than that not much!

How can you help the GBx community?
Happy to speak and/or connect about health/ed-tech/health VC and to help companies looking to sell into the NHS.

How can the GBx community help you?
I’m always on the lookout for great mentors, expanding my network and connecting with cool people

You can reach Alex on the GBx forum.