Introducing Youth Think Tank

Young people highlight challenges in agricultural industry

The Youth Think Tank (YTT) is a research initiative launched by Mastercard Foundation and GBx’s partner Restless Development that works with young people from 7 countries in Africa exploring economic opportunities for young people.

Development experts, policy makers and the tech sector have become increasingly interested in the last few years in emerging technologies and their ability to advance the agricultural sector in Africa. Further work needs to be done, however, to close the gap between technologies, innovators, and  communities in Africa.

Isabelle Kubwimana (Youth Think Tank Researcher). Photo credit: Mastercard Foundation

A new report released in March by the YTT helps to close the gap by capturing the experiences of young people, both innovators and implementers in the agricultural sector, primarily in East Africa. These young researchers are calling on policy makers and practitioners to listen to their suggestions and prioritize solutions based on impact, such as ‘innovation hubs’ where young entrepreneurs can share ideas and access mentorship.

Roselyn Mugo, a YTT member from Kenya said in an interview conducted by Mastercard Foundation that; “we find that these agricultural technologies and innovations, they do exist. And they are massive and they are upcoming…But the young people don’t know that they exist, either because they don’t have the infrastructure which is required or they don’t even know that they can actually use them.” Roselyn is now working to develop solutions to these challenges and explore opportunities for youth in the agricultural sector.


Every month, we will feature a new Youth Think Tank entrepreneurship story on our blog. Watch this space!