How A Banking Partner Can Fuel Your Startup’s Global Growth

Sara Rona SVB

SVB shares in our mission at GBx: to support the innovation economy. SVB has supported the UK/US cross-border ecosystem for over 25 years. We talked to Sara Rona, Managing Director, SVB Global Gateway (Head of Europe, MENA & ANZ) about how the right banking partner can fuel your startup’s expansion, across the pond and the globe.

What are SVB’s key updates in 2024? 

After 40 years, SVB continues to be the only bank in North America fully dedicated to banking the innovation economy. We’re operating the same as before, now backed by the strong balance sheet of 125-year-old First Citizens Bank. All of our products and services are available, including venture debt on the US side and cross-border banking (bank accounts, foreign exchange) etc. to help founders and investors across all life stages. 

We’ve seen thousands of clients return to us because of the service and experience we deliver. Our platform is extremely difficult to replicate.

Some key stats:

  • 81% of clients continue to maintain active accounts at SVB after March 2023
  • In Q2-Q4 2023, SVB’s Tech and Healthcare Banking team made 500+ new loans totaling $3B+ in loan commitments to new and existing clients

More Than Traditional Banking: How does SVB’s approach to startup banking benefit founders and VCs?

We are fundamentally different from other banks. We are unwavering in our dedication to the success of the innovators and investors who quite literally invent the future and propel our economy. They deserve a banking partner that understands their unique needs. 

Our products and services are designed specifically for every stage of that growth, and to scale with you as you continue on that trajectory. We have dedicated, experienced banking professionals who work exclusively with international startups/scaleups and are here to help provide you with:

  • Customized and comprehensive banking solutions
  • Dedicated teams of sector experts with essential insights
  • Exceptional service delivered at the speed our clients require
  • Networking opportunities to get you plugged in to relevant ecosystems.

Scaling Across the Pond: How Can SVB Support UK Founders Launching in the US and beyond?

SVB Global Gateway is a dedicated international business development team that helps VCs, VC backed startups, and growth stage companies expand into the United States and international markets from innovation centers around the world. We provide the right mix of products, services and strategic advice in global markets and have been supporting the UK/US cross-border ecosystem for over 25 years.

We’ve worked with international clients for more than a decade across all stages/sectors and focus on helping them navigate the challenges and complexities that arise in their expansions to the US. Our team’s mission is to empower visionary high-growth companies like yours by helping with all of their cross-border banking needs in the US.

Powering the Transatlantic Tech Ecosystem: What Innovation Tools Does SVB Offer to Help Startups Compete on a Global Stage?

Beyond banking, our mission is to support founders and increase their probabilities of success. SVB provides our clients with access to curated venture community events where they can engage and build connections with public and private companies, institutional investors and an array of healthcare and technology experts. We also put together a ton of webinars and proprietary research reports on emerging trends that are shaping the innovation economy. Our clients can also save costs as we partner with key service providers where they can apply discounts – SVB Offers.