GBx – what’s in the name?

Since its inception in 2016, GBx’s mission has been to build a supportive and expertise-driven community of British entrepreneurs, technology executives and investors, based or looking to expand to the Bay Area.

For startup founders it’s a place to ask for help or share their experience in moving or expanding their business to the US. Akin to a business school network, our members ‘pay it forward’, and help other Brits avoid the pitfalls they’ve been through.

For British tech executives working at tech giants, GBx offers a chance to stay close to innovations coming out of the UK. And to keep it touch with the British tech C-suite community.

For investors, whether you are a VC or private investor you can benefit from access to the most exciting, new business ventures seeking to establish themselves in the US as well as meeting other Brits in the investor community.

For all Brits in tech on their journey to build the next wave of British unicorns, GBx provides a network of people who truly want to help them succeed.

We’re building our community through exclusive, in-person events; one-to-one introductions; by sharing useful and informative content on our members-only blog, and by engaging with our members on social media.

Here’s how you get involved:

  1. Ask for help or an introduction if there is something you think a fellow Brit can help with. Reach out via the Member Directory, Kate or the Directors, or on the Members Forum.
  2. Let us know how you would like to be involved: willing to offer advice, but only in your industry, willing to have a coffee and share your experiences of fundraising or US expansion, or joining just for the fun stuff.
  3. Make time for a coffee and a chat or attend a GBx reception hosting visiting UK entrepreneurs.

In 2018, we’ll explore new ways of engaging on-line and in amazing events to better support our members extending our impact from the Bay Area to back to Blighty.