GBx partners with Restless Development for positive change

Half the world is under 30 and 9 out of 10 young people live in developing countries. Restless Development has trained and supported over 20,000 young people to become agents for positive change. They’ve reached over 1.3 million young people with their programs over the last 5 years.

Like GBx Restless Development has its origins back home, it was founded in the UK in 1985 and has grown exponentially since then. Restless Development now works in eight countries across Asia and Africa to ensure that young people have a voice, a living, sexual rights, and are leaders in their communities. We were struck by the entrepreneurial skills and the spirit these young people demonstrate in making an enormous impact.

Again, like many GBx members, the team at Restless Development have recently expanded to the US, aiming to capitalize on opportunities here to help achieve their global aims.  We share their passionate belief is that unleashing the power of young people will benefit every generation.

GBx will be sharing stories of enterprising young people working with Restless Development – we find their drive and impact inspiring and hope you will too. Reach out to the Restless team if you can help – Fund, Partner, Read More or contact Anna Tyor.