Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting Started

  • How do I find other GBx Members?

    You can look up other members by signing in to the members area members.gbxglobal.org and navigate to the Members Directory from the top menu

  • How do I contact other GBx members?

    You can contact other members by signing into the member’s area members.gbxglobal.org then navigate to the Members Directory and select the member you would like to contact. If they have allowed others to contact them you should see  a Message Member Button. If so clicking this will allow you to message that user, they will be sent an email and will be able to reply to you via your email address.

  • What else should I do to get started?

    Our getting started checklist:

    • Update your Public Profile for the Member Directory (click the arrow by your profile picture)
    • Say “hello” or ask your questions on the GBx forum @ gbxglobal.slack.com
    • Stay connected via social media GBx Facebook Group and follow us on GBx Twitter
    • Check out upcoming Members Events

  • Manage my Membership

  • How do I upgrade my membership to the next level?

    Upgrade your GBx Membership to Collaborate Membership to join us for more GBx events (including the Gala) and greater support in navigating the SV ecosystem. 

    Contact Kate for more information on our Inspire Membership.

  • How do I cancel my membership?

    To cancel your membership login to the members area members.gbxglobal.org and click the arrow next to your  profile image on the top right of the page. From here select Manage GBx Subscription button to change or cancel your subscription.

  • I can't remember my username or password what do I do?

    If you can’t remember your password click the Reset password link on the GBx Member Sign In page (link is located under the Sign In button). 

    Follow the instructions to reset your password.

    If you can’t remember your email address please Contact Us via the form so our support team can get in touch to help you. Please include your full name and what package your subscribed to (if known).

  • How do I update my email / email preferences for GBx?

    Please Contact Us via the form so our support team can get in touch to help you.

  • When does my membership expire?

    To check your membership expiry date login to the members area members.gbxglobal.org and click the arrow next to your  profile image on the top right of the page. From here select Manage GBx Subscription, click on the link Orders (link is under the blue button) to display your current GBx plan and expiry date. 

    Select Auto Renew to avoid missing out on GBx events and communications.

  • Is my membership tax deductible?

    GBx Global is a California Registered Mutual Benefit Corporation 501(c)6. Your membership may be deductible as a business expense – please contact your tax advisor to confirm.

    California Corporation Number: C4019444
    Federal Identification Number: 82-0745595

  • Attend Events

  • How do I register for events?

    Keep your eyes peeled for new exciting events on the gbxglobal.org website or via the GBx Newsletter emailed twice per month. To register for an event just click the button to sign up. For Members Only events you will be asked to sign into the GBx Members area first.

  • How do I know what events I am registered for?

    GBx events are managed by Eventbrite – login to your Eventbrite account to see all previous and upcoming events and manage your registration. 

    For GBx Partner events please contact the event host directly.

  • Can I bring a guest to an event?

    Inspire members are welcome to bring a guest to GBx community events.

    Innovate and Collaborate members can request guest tickets but they are released based on availability.

  • Do I have a Gala ticket? How do I purchase a Gala ticket?

    Collaborate and Inspire members have 1 x Gala ticket included with their membership. When your membership starts or renews you will automatically be registered for the upcoming Gala event (where tickets are available).

    If your membership renews close to the event date we recommend purchasing your ticket in advance (we wont ever charge you twice!).

    Collaborate and Inspire members can purchase an additional guest ticket. 

  • I'm hosting an event which might be interesting to others - how do I share?

    Members are welcome to share events of interest to the c-suite British tech community with GBx FB Group. 

    We highlight a small number of Partner and Member events in GBx newsletters.