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GBx is a community of British technology entrepreneurs, investors and senior technology executives. We come together to innovate, collaborate and inspire others through building connections, learning from others and sharing our expertise. There are 3 tiers of GBx membership so you have the flexibility to decide how you would like to connect with the community. Together we are building the British technology ecosystem in the Bay Area and beyond.

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  • Connect with British founders, investors or industry experts
  • Get advice on scaling, fundraising, re-loacting or great pubs & restaurants
  • Exclusive events including the GBx Gala - GBx events are restricted to members, guests and our partners!
  • Member benefits including initial consultation with our expert pitch coach, technology & workspace offers etc

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Make the most of your GBx experience by connecting with other members at our member only exclusive events (don’t miss the Gala!) or on-line via the GBx Member Directory or our Slack Channel.

What our members think

What are the best and worst things about the Bay Area? BEST: The deep knowledge around tech and startups. The sunshine. The people. The nature. WORST: 8 hours time difference to friends and family back home.

Michael Acton-Smith, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Calm

"Moving to the US was important for us—we both saw it as a place where big things could happen—but it also meant we found ourselves far from family, friends, and communities we grew up with. So it was a lovely surprise to find the GBx community, all of whom moved here (to the US) to work on important problems, and are going through the ups and downs together”.

Liam Don & Sam Chaudhary, Co-Founders, ClassDojo

Over the last three years, HER raised $2.5M in funding from angel investors including GBx’s board members Michael Birch, Andy McLoughlin and Nicole Quinn, as well as Alexis Ohanian and YCombinator, and more. Tapping into the British community in San Francisco upon arrival not only helped Robyn to raise money for HER, but also made her committed to paying it forward: “Today I had an email from a woman who’s on her second or third startup and who wanted to meet certain VCs. She asked: Do I know anyone? I’m happy to introduce her to the people I know here. And I’m helpful to her because she is a British female founder who’s trying to make it in the US and I empathize with that.”

Robyn Exton, Founder & CEO, HER

I enjoy the community of GBx, getting to know people who have also moved over to the Bay Area. It’s interesting and useful to have support and help around your arrival. I am motivated to hear what people are working on - everybody is doing something interesting and things they care about. I feel that I can also give a lot to the community in terms of sharing what I have gone through; from building a company, getting it up and raising money and our exit [to Airbnb]

Srin Madipalli, Co-Founder, Accomable now Product Manager, Airbnb,

“We wanted to go global, so we came to Silicon Valley because the money was here and that’s where companies are scaling at a global level that interests us... GBx is particularly helpful when you’re first coming and you need some friendly faces and advice on all kinds of topics... There is a bunch I’ve learned from making mistakes, so I’m happy to get involved and help the next generation of entrepreneurs. It seems that no matter how much technology evolves humankind will always appreciate real-connections.”

Alastair Patterson, Co-Founder & CEO, Digital Shadows

GBx experiences from early stage to unicorn. Apply for membership below. Entrepreneurs & Investors only please.

Innovate - For UK Based & Early Stage Founders

  • Connect with founders, investors or industry experts for advice on scaling, fundraising or Bay Area pubs & restaurants!
  • Self-serve support via the GBx Members area - includes Member Resources and FAQs
  • Join us for the GBx Fireside Chat series - excludes GBx Winter Party, GBx Summer Party and GBx Gala
  • Invitations to partners' events
  • Access to exclusive member content & benefits
  • Opportunity to purchase Gala Member & Gala Guest Ticket (next available Gala 2021)
  • Brits by the Bay Main Stage Ticket


Annual Billing

Collaborate - For US Based & Early Stage Founders

  • Connect with founders, investors or industry experts, participate as an expert member of the GBx community
  • Personal member support to help you connect with others and curate resources
  • Join us for all GBx events - includes GBx Winter Party, GBx Summer Party and GBx Gala (2021)
  • Invitations to community partners' events
  • Access to exclusive member content & benefits
  • Limited contribution to GBx newsletter & forum
  • Brits by the Bay 2020 Growth Stage Ticket


Annual Billing

Inspire - For Growth Founders, Investors & Senior Executives

  • Access to member directory and peer support
  • Curated member experience
  • Unlimited & Inspire audience only event attendance
  • Inspire audience only event attendance for community partners' events
  • Access to exclusive member content & benefits
  • Featured contribution to GBx forum & newsletters
  • Member GBx Gala ticket and priority access to purchase Gala Guest Ticket (next available Gala 2021)
  • Guest event invitations (excl Gala)
  • Brits by the Bay All Access Ticket


Annual Billing