Early-stage (Seed and Series A) US venture capitalists often insist they will invest in a UK company only if the company “flips” its corporate structure and establishes a US (typically Delaware) holding company. We addressed these dynamics in a 2015 article, noting that high US corporate tax rates were leading some early-stage US investors to reconsider […]

“Shy bairns get nowt” became the standout phrase from the last time I visited Silicon Valley and San Francisco. A trip during which, I ended up on San Francisco radio and exchanged emails with Marc Benioff. With similar enthusiasm, I joined the GBx network and applied a scatter-gun approach to connecting with the members via […]

Opportunity: gain highly qualified software developers while helping to redress gender imbalance in tech Silicon Valley Internship Programme (SVIP) is an organization set up to give something back to the global entrepreneurial community. Founded in 2012, it has been working with the British American Business Council, British Consulate, top global engineering universities and high-growth tech companies […]

At the close of 2017, I was fortunate enough to represent GBx and join the SVC2UK delegation visiting Cambridge and London to meet some of the hottest startup and scale-up entrepreneurs from across the UK. I came away, impressed by the depth, breadth and future of the startup ecosystem – fueled at the grass roots […]