After each GBx member-only event we’ll include a summary of the burning questions during the session. Respecting the confidentiality of those in the room who shared their stories we aren’t able to offer a detailed transcription. However you can continue this conversation with our members on the Members Forum. In the room we had experience […]

Brexit news is here to stay, and GBx members have been invited to access to the Brexit Brief by the British Embassy in Washington. The latest edition covers: Theresa May’s vision for new partnership with EU post-Brexit UK-US science and innovation collaboration agreement UK-US Trade & Investment Working Group update Report on the US jobs […]

Unless you’re an active participant in our LinkedIn or Facebook groups, you may not know your fellow GBx members that well. In 2018, we’re kicking off a series of profiles featuring our member startup founders, tech execs and investors. First up: Pete Flint, NFx Guild. Also, Zuzanna is running a video project – #oneminutestartup – […]

At GBx, we want you to stay informed and engaged, but not overwhelmed by content we share with you. With email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack and carrier pigeons, we have plenty of options to keep in touch. But what works best for you? Please help us get it right by taking part in this 30-second […]

Since its inception in 2016, GBx’s mission has been to build a supportive and expertise-driven community of British entrepreneurs, technology executives and investors, based or looking to expand to the Bay Area. For startup founders it’s a place to ask for help or share their experience in moving or expanding their business to the US. […]

Happy Holidays – we got you a present! Welcome to our brand new GBx members-only website. At GBx, our members have been building connections through in-person events, one-to-one ‘coffees and chats’, and now they can also do it through this secure, password-protected members-only website. Use the Member Forum to ask any member a question or […]